Indian Diet and natural ways to lose weight – Weight-loss – EzineMark

Indian Diet and natural ways to lose weight – Weight-loss – EzineMark

The rates of obesity are very high in India. This has led to the popularity of lots of gyms and crash diets. The western diet is followed by many Indians for months. However, no results can be seen. This can sometimes be very frustrating and can also reduce the motivation to lose weight. Many types of Indian diet for weight loss are available on the internet. Sometimes they are very complicated to understand.

The customization of Indian diet for weight loss has to be done according to the Indians. They may differ vastly from western diet. The diet for weight loss has to incorporate various varieties such as chapattis rather than rice. Lot of vegetables and gravies are consumed by south Indians. The food of north Indians contain lot of butter and fats.

Hence an Indian weight loss diet must be able to satisfy Indians from different states. A traditional healthy meal is very healthy. The diet for weight loss must contain a lot of vegetables, pulses and fruits. Western diet must be avoided. That leads of obesity.

The most popular Indian diet for weight loss is the low carbohydrate diet. It is not possible to avoid carbohydrates in the meal. The Indian meals are filled up with items such as Dosas, Idlis, Dhoklas, Parathas and Upma and Chapatis. However, one should not cut down on the items as they filled with lots of minerals, fiber and vitamins. The typical Indian diet for weight loss includes:

1 – Either 2 dosas or 2 idlis or one bowl of poha or upma. Coffee and tea can be consumed with low fat milk.

2 – The lunch must include 3 chapatis with vegetables or one bowl of rice.

3 – Apart from lunch, the small snack must include sprouts salad or one serving meat.

4 – The dinner must again consist of 2 dosas

Natural ways to lose weight

1 – Many people are suffering from being overweight. The main causes for weight gain include bad food habits, stress, and lack of exercise, bad lifestyle habits and genetics. There are many natural ways of losing weight.

2 – A healthy diet must be maintained. This means that the drinks and foods which have lots of sugar, calories and fats must be avoided. All sugar filled sodas and fried foods must be avoided. When one is eating a meal, one should not over eat. Lots of green vegetables, water and fruits must be incorporated in the meals.

3 – Natural supplements can also be incorporated in the diet. There are various natural supplements that help in aiding weight loss.

4 – Other natural ways of losing weight include plenty of rest, regular exercise and avoiding stress. The occurrence of metabolism happens at night. Thus, if relaxation and sleep are reduced, the metabolic activity also reduces.