how accurate are those dietary facts on food?

how accurate are those dietary facts on food?

how accurate are those dietary facts on food?

i mean how exactly do hey measure how many calories syrup has or how much vitamin c avocado skins have?

who discovered the method to measure calories and how?

i want to know if i’m drinking a tropicana’s orange/strawberry/mango fruit twist, that i’m actually getting all of the nutrition it claims.

5-hour-energy drink claims to provide energy for 5 hours…

well i’m 155 lbs and i fell asleep after the 3rd hour of drinking that overpriced scam of a product.

now what i want to know is, is everything else we eat/drink all based on a lie?

how do i know if that slim jim i bought is really 30% fat?

or is the answer a lot more simple than what i’m suggesting?

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it’s my understanding the it’s against the law to provide false dietary information on food labels.

lol, seems i am wrong. so much for my understanding:)

Not quite, Socks 33. In Los Angeles, we just did a scientific experiment that has been all over the news for the past two days. Denny’s, Chili’s and other restaurants dishes were tested against their published calorie charts, and they were about 15% off. Frozen dinners were tested also and they were about 8 percent over what they put in their lists. Unfortunately, the FDA allows , get this, I couldn’t believe it either……. a 20% window. So anything you buy could be up to 20% off, and you can’t do a thing about it.

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