Body Mass Index Fulfil Your Nutrition

Body Mass Index  Fulfil Your Nutrition

Top 3 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle Using Diet And Nutrition

A balanced diet means healthy diet and nutrition comprising of healthy and diverse foods is key to promoting good health. After all, it is commonly believed we are what we eat. Research continues to prove and most people would agree that eating healthy diet and nutrition program promotes good health and unhealthy food habits lead to a diseased body. Remember that food is a powerful drug; it can make you sick or aid proper functioning of critical systems of the body.Foods contain vital nutrients that assist our body’s metabolic function.

However, a lack of ingestion of these nutrients or eating wrong kinds of food would lead to harmful accumulation of toxins within the body, resulting to having chronic diseases in the long run.A healthy diet and nutrition while ensuring overall well-being, helps to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index, reduces the risk of several debilitating diseases like cancer, heart ailments, diabetes, osteoporosis and stroke. Thus a nutritious diet is important in the prevention and cure of various diseases.

Since no single food group can nourish the body with all the vital ingredients it requires, it is important that we consume a variety of healthy foods to derive the diet and nutrition our body needs. There are five main food groups: these are fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy and poultry, fish and meat products. A healthy balanced diet and nutrition of these five food groups ensures essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. The food group serving size will depend upon various factors like age, activity level, body size and gender.

It is also important that one eat a variety of foods from within and across the food groups. As some foods from within a food group provide more nutrients than others. This will ensure that one obtains the maximum recommended nutrition from the food group; besides the food variety will make for an interesting meal.It must be noted that allopathic medicine cures the symptoms rather than the root cause of the disease,which is usually caused by wrong eating habits leading to an accumulation of toxins within the system.

But,a nutritious balanced diet can rectify underlying causes of diseases and restore one to wholeness of mind and body. Once we realize the connection between a wholesome balanced diet and nutrition and good health, our food will be our medicine and maintaining good health will be a matter of making the right food choices and leading a healthy lifestyle.

A balanced diet is always considered to be a key parameter for promoting good health. Having healthy nutrition and diverse food in your diet can help you to stay fit. Researchers have proved that eating healthy food helps in managing good health, whereas the habit of eating unhealthy foods leads to several kinds of ailments. Foods include the important nutrients that support our body’s metabolic function. But, intake of unhealthy food leads to unceasing diseases.

A balanced diet helps to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index. It declines the risk of getting into several devastating diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and osteoporosis. So, a nutritious diet has always played a vital role in the prevention of several diseases. In the current scenario, in spite of all medical advances, the most valuable suggestion for living a long lasting and healthy life can be found in our past.

– Eat green vegetables regularly – Take a walk – Drink a glass of red wine twice a week – Reduce stress – Appreciate what you got – Maintain a healthy body – Exercise regularly – Laugh a lot – Eat large breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner – Drink plenty of water – Sleep on time

These are some of the best habits that have been endured from centuries and if followed can help you in maintaining a healthy living. Since eating a single food cannot endorse our body with vital ingredients. It is essential to consume variety of healthy foods to originate nutrition in the body. Vegetables, fruits, cereals and pulses, milk products and meat, comprise the healthy balanced diet group that provides vital vitamins, minerals and fibers to our body. Make sure that you eat variety of foods, as some of them provide more nutrients than others. Medicines can treat the symptoms but does not get to the root of a disease. So encourage healthy nutrition to retain the unity of mind and body.

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