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First Universal Health Care Bill in U.S. Marks Success of Vermont’s Human Rights Movement

On May 5 the Vermont House followed the Senate in passing the final version of a health reform bill that creates a path for a universal, publicly financed health care system in Vermont. Governor Peter Shumlin has confirmed he will sign the bill into law.

This makes Vermont the first state in the country to move toward a universal health care system that will provide health care as a public good for everyone. Legislators and advocates alike have compared Vermont’s role to that of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, which half a century ago spearheaded the establishment of universal health care in Canada.

The bill states that Vermont will create a publicly financed health care system, Green Mountain Care, to provide comprehensive, high-quality coverage as a public good for all Vermont residents, regardless of income, health status, or employment. G

Obama Admin. Appeals Health Care Decision to Atlanta Federal Court

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A federal appeals court in Atlanta was asked to rule in favor of the health care reform by the Obama administration. The appeal is the administration’s attempt to acquire more judges in favor of reform, which had been struck down in other courts.

The Justice Department filed a brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit on Sunday regarding a provision in the law that requires most Americans to purchase health insurance to avoid severe financial penalties.

The idea is to acquire favor from a number of lower courts like the one in Atlanta to garner support for the law. This

TRICARE(R) Armed Forces Health Care Program To Provide Access To SBi’s STAR™ Total Ankle Replacement System

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Small Bone Innovations, Inc. (SBi) announced today the 9.6 million beneficiaries of the US Department of Defense TRICARE® health care program, which covers armed forces personnel, retirees and their families, will now have access to SBi’s STAR™ Total Ankle Replacement system.

The STAR is the only total ankle replacement approved through the FDA’s rigorous pre-market approval (PMA) process.

SBi is a privately-owned orthopedics company focused exclusively on serving patients and their physicians with technologies and treatments for joint replacement (arthroplasty) and post-traumatic reconstruction of the small bones & joints of the thumb, fingers, hand, wrist, elbow, toes, foot & ankle. Read more…

NFL Players Looking for Better Health Care

The long awaited NFL lock-out is upon up and players are toughing it out without health insurance.  Many players chose to get coverage through COBRA while negotiations are under way, but there are players taking a risk with no insurance at this time.  This is unfortunately considering one of the main factors the players are fighting for is a significant improvement in health care post-football and a health care reimbursement account.

According to the article “The NFL Labor Situation is Bad, but Resolution Closer Than it Appears” by Peter King on, the NFL situation is in the hands of the lawyers and there’s even a possibility games are lost this year while they battle out NFL benefits and contracts.  This c

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