what are the beast fast food items for toddlers?

what are the beast fast food items for toddlers?

what are the beast fast food items for toddlers?

April 14th, 2010 Posted by admin 10 Comments

I worry about my daughters nutrition. What are the best foods to feed a 12month old when your on the go all the time?

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Fruits, Veggies, Plain Hamburgers or allwhite meat chicken. Yogurt is a good one. My boys always loved the yogurt parfaits at McDonalds and they are good for you too.

mcdonalds has the white meat chicken nuggets and the sliced apples and milk. instead of french fries. try bringing stuff with you too. like pre made pb and j. they last awhile with out being in the fridge

That Gay Guy for Da Ben Dan says:

You shouldn’t be giving a 12 month old fast food, but if you absolutely HAVE to do it try to have healthier things such as a side salad or a plain burger with no cheese or mayo. Subway might be healthier if it is one meat with a small amount of lowfat sauce and veggies, but at 12 months she can’t eat that!

I would suggest that you pack them a lunch before you go like a sandwich, jello, cheese sticks, etc. Things that are easy for her to eat. I can’t really think of any fast food place that would be healthy enough for your child.

I think the beast foods would be

You really should NOT be feeding a 12 month olde fast food

I have 6 kids (2 sets of triplets). My boys are 4 and my girls are 8 months. When we are going somewhere, I’m sure to remember a small lunch (cut up fruit, sandwich, pasta in a thermos, or yogurt) and some juice boxes. Then the girls eat there food and the boys and I get a fast food restaurant. We either get a kids meal at Subway. Sometimes I bring 3 bowls and I get a cesare salad and then I split it between them. It is really healthy and the crispy chicken one is delicious. You could get the happy meal. The chicken nuggets are 100% white meat, and substitute the french fries for apple dippers. Just make sure the apples are cute up small enough. The fruit and yogurt parfait is good too!

EDIT: Also, if you ask the people at Subway, they will charge you like $3 for some cold-cuts. The little kids love that when I don’t pack a lunch!

Mcdonald’s has apples. Wendy’s also has fruit options and their chili is gluten free. Milk is good of course, and McDonald’s fries are cooked in all natural oils now at most locations.

you shouldn’t feed a 12month old fast food and nutritionists say you should have fast food 3times a year tops and even better never. even the “healthy options” at MacDonald’s aren’t good for you. really check out the nutrition on their web page etc… anyway my sister always packs little snack boxes for her 2year and has done since she could eat solids. things like cold pasta (seasoned), apple/grapes/banana bits, sandwiches, cold sausages and cheese, baby tomatoes etc anything that can keep for at least a day in little pots they can snack when they are hungry and its easy for you.

Fast foods aren’t good for adults all the time, I would make sure I was home at meal time.

I always just packed a lunch for my son. Get some cold packs, things like hummus and crackers, little sandwiches, carrot sticks, etc. Trader Joe’s makes a great organic milk box, which is WAY better than a juice box. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, either. My son loves them, and they’re much healthier than anything you’ll find at a fast food restaurant.

Oh, and beware of the “healthy” fast food options. Many of the salads are loaded with so much cheese, dressing, etc. that they have the same amount of fat as a hamburger. The “healthy” chocolate milk that you can get instead of a soda? Yeah… high fructose corn syrup is NOT healthy. Yuck. The same goes for the yogurt. The apple slices would be healthy if they didn’t give sugary caramel sauce with it. And as for the hamburgers and chicken nuggets, I really don’t want to know what’s in them. So if at all possible, pack a healthy meal. It’s healthier, you’ll know exactly what your daughter is eating, and it’s cheaper.

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