Is Your Home Puppy Friendly?

Is Your Home Puppy Friendly?

Before you start looking for the puppies of your dreams, there’s a question you must seriously ask yourself. Will you be the owner of your puppy’s dreams? Yes, raising a puppy can be a wonderful experience. But it is also a great responsibility. If you aren’t up to it (and if you are getting the pet for a child, remember that the ultimate responsibility for the puppy will be yours), or if your home really isn’t suitable for a frisky, young, curious and constantly growing puppy , the time to realize that is before you make him a part of your family, not after. Passing your puppy on to someone else because things “didn’t work out” can be terribly emotional for the puppy, your kids, and you.

The first requirement for a puppy is the most obvious – is your house large enough for your puppy (and just as important, for the dog he will become). What kind of puppies you plan on getting is of course the key to that question. A tiny puppy that will always be tiny will perhaps need no more space than a cat. Under those circumstances, even a city apartment will do. But the larger the breed, the more space he will need. Keep in mind that your cute Great Dane puppy will soon need the space of a fully sized Great Dane. You don’t want to acquire a puppy that will outgrow your home.

And if you don’t live alone, consider how a new puppy will fit in with the other humans and/or pets already under your roof. Do you have a cat that freaks out at any passing puppy? Does your child suffer from “cynophobia” (that means fear of dogs, and the younger children are the more likely they are to have it, regardless of whether they were ever bitten by or had some other bad experience with a dog)? Does anyone in your house have dog-related allergies? Then perhaps you should think twice about getting a puppy.

And finally, ask yourself if you personally have the time and the emotional, physical and financial resources to make a commitment to your puppy that will last throughout his life. Can you give your puppy the companionship he needs? The exercise? The medical care and food and other supplies? If the answer is no, be honest about it and leave that puppy of your dreams to the family that can answer yes.

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